Know the last day of the month with a formula in an excel report

It may strange to say that I want to know the last day of the month, in fact, not really, if I need to do some prediction, for instance, I want to know which problem tickets will breach the SLA at the end of the month.

formula excel


When I use the formula ?

When I need to know which data is overdue, it can be about SLA, configuration item status, etc.


How to use the formula ?

The formula in this topic is with "," so depending of the operating system of your PC, the formula should have ";" instead of ",".


How is the formula ?


For example, putting this formula in the cell A1, it will give you the last day of the current month.


If I change the 0 with 1, it will give me the last day of the next month and if I change the 0 with -1, the last day of the previous month. Don't forget to format the cell into date.

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