Put a specific value if match an ID and find a specific word with a formula in an excel report

For one of my reports, I needed to have a formula to fill up a cell with a specific word only if no match can’t be found and most importantly, if it finds a particular word in the description. For example, if the formula finds the name of a provider in the description, I needed to fill the cell that the configuration item type is an external system but first, the formula should check in another sheet if another information exists or not.



When I use the formula ?

It may happen that the information is missing in the main report so I need this formula to look for the correct information from another extracted report.


How to use the formula ?

The formula in this topic is with "," so depending of the operating system of your PC, the formula should have ";" instead of ",".


How are the formulas ?





=IFERROR(IF(VLOOKUP(B2,Sheet2!A:D,3,0)=0,"Internal System",VLOOKUP(B2,Sheet2!A:D,3,0)),IFERROR(IF(SEARCH("*provider*",C2,1),"Provider System"),"Internal System"))

As you can see:

  • D2 is showing “provider system” because there is no ID and “provider” is in the description
  • D3 is showing “test2” because the same ID exists in the sheet2 and the type of the sheet2 for this ID is “test2”
  • D4 is showing “internal system” because there is no ID and not “provider” in the description
  • D5 is showing “internal system” because the ID doesn’t exist in the sheet2


  • IFERROR(IF(VLOOKUP(B2,Sheet2!A:D,3,0)=0,"Internal System",VLOOKUP(B2,Sheet2!A:D,3,0))
    Asking the formula to match the ID in the sheet2 in column A, if match, look in the column C (3) the type and take this value, if no match, go next
  • IFERROR(IF(SEARCH("*provider*",C2,1),"Provider System"),"Internal System")
    Asking the formula to find in the description the word “provider”, if find, put “provider system”, if no find, put “internal system”

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