Insert a text box into a sheet using a macro in an excel report

I like to insert automatically a text box, particularly, when I had a private file and I wanted just to share some data to other people by creating a new file explaining the meaning or to introduce its purpose for instance. Of course, it means that the sharing file was created automatically too.

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When I use the macro ?

To explain something about the file that I was sharing.


How to create the macro ?

Read How to create, edit, hide and select a macro in an excel report


How to create the button to associate it with the macro ?

Read How to create a button and associated it to a macro in an excel report


How is the macro ?

Copy the code below and paste it into your macro. You will see my comments in green if exist so follow the help to adapt to your need.

Sub test()
' change the name of the sheet sheet1
' text box size (Left, Top, Width, Height) 10, 8, 600, 250
Sheets("Sheet1").Shapes.AddTextbox(msoTextOrientationHorizontal, 10, 8, 600, 250) _
.TextFrame.Characters.Text = "Please find in this file those following data:" & Chr(13) & _
"The column A is XX and the column B is YY" & Chr(13) & _
"Any feedbacks are welcome."
End Sub

To add a new line for a cell, read Add a new line into a cell using a macro in an excel report.

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