ITIL 4 Master Certification

This level is only available if you are already certified ITIL 4 Managing Professional (ITILMP) and ITIL 4 Strategic Leader (ITILSL), it not, you will have start from the beginning by getting the basic certification ITIL 4 Foundation Certification.

For people who are certified ITIL V3 Expert, they have to get first the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition module then to get the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader (ITIL SL).

This certification is the highest and last level in the official ITIL qualification scheme.No need to be accredited to a certified training center but to a licensed examination institutes approved by Axelos, no need to pass an exam, it is more like doing a thesis so you must be able to explain how and why your company has chosen to adopt, adapt and implement core ITIL concepts within the workplace across the entire service lifecycle.

To be eligible, you have to work in an IT service management for at least five years in leadership, managerial, or higher/senior management advisory roles. It is to ensure that you have an extensive base of practical hands-on ITIL experience to demonstrate active involvement in implementation of the practices, and to provide sufficient evidence of your role in the assignments and/or proof to carry out the tasks.

So you must be able to explain and justify how you selected and individually applied a range of knowledge, principles, methods and techniques from ITIL and supporting management techniques, to achieve desired business outcomes in one or more practical assignments. This application can be based on projects conducted in the past which involved application of earlier ITIL guidance or can be used to formulate and implement a future service improvement program to improve organizational capability.

Also, you must provide a declaration that the information within the submissions is your own work and the price can vary between 3000 and 3500 euros depending of your licensed examination institute. Each institute has its own process but generally you will be required:

  • To complete an application form
  • To have your CV updated
  • A copy of your ITIL 4 Managing Professional and ITIL 4 Strategic Leader

And send all to your institute so they will review your application and confirm whether or not you meet the requirements. Once all are OK and the payment done, you will be registered on their ITIL Master online portal and login details will be sent to you.

You will then be required to submit a proposal. If you are successful at this stage you will then be required to submit a work package. The final stage of the ITIL Master scheme consists of an interview with a panel of assessors. On successful completion of the qualification, you will get your ITIL Master Certificate and your pin. More information at the Axelos website.

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