ITIL V3, time to be ITIL 4 Expert known as ITIL 4 Managing Professional via the Transition Module

ITIL 4 is the new version of ITIL starting 2019, it doesn’t mean that the ITIL V3 is obsolete but just not upgraded. If you are like me and you have the 17 points of ITIL V3 or you are certified ITIL V3 Expert, we just have to wait for the transition module. Of course, only if you are still interested about ITIL, if not, don’t lose your time to read this topic !!!

As you know with the new version, ITIL Expert doesn’t exist anymore, it is replaced by the ITIL Managing Professional. Hopefully, we don’t have to start from the beginning, except for people who still don’t have the basic certification, I mean the foundation one.

So how can we get it ? If there is no transition module for the foundation certification, it will have one for the ITIL Expert. The transition module is scheduled to be available on October 3rd 2019 so once it will be in the market, the process is the same as the ITIL V3 Intermediate and above. So let’s refresh the memory.

We have to take a course in a training center, physically (teacher) or online (elearning), no matter which solution we will take, we just need to have the certificate from the training center demonstrating that we did the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Module course.

Why we need it ? Well, because the ITIL official exam center, who is PeopleCert, will ask it so you will be able take the exam. The price for the course, it will depend of the training center and the price for the certification is not yet announced but based on the others, I will believe between 200 and 300 euros.

What next ? Once we will get the ITIL 4 Managing Professional certification, we have 2 choices:

  • Don’t do nothing more
  • Keep going on to get the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader Certification

Only once we will get the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader Certification, we will be eligible for the ITIL Master.

So, keep in mind the date, October 3rd and start to train your brain to study. If you need more information, check the Axelos website.

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