Power BI: create a group

When I have to group different names into 1, I need to create a new column then defining the group. For instance, I have this data:

power bi

Right click on the “name” column then select “new group”:

power bi

To group them, just select the ones I want for instance “test1 + test2” then I click on “group”. It will go to the right side and from here, I changed the name naming it “group1”. Doing the same thing for “test 4 + test6” naming it “group2”.

power bi power bi power bi

To rename the new column, right click on it then select “rename”, for my example, I put “new name”.

power bi power bi

If in the future, if I will have new data and I want to change the groups, I just have to right click on this column and select “edit groups”

power bi

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