ServiceNow: add reports/charts in the homepage

The homepage doesn’t allow me to organize a good way my reports/charts, all are put together, I can change the layout and move them but I can’t group them in an efficiency way. If what I want it is a better way to manage, I have to put them into a dashboard, read ServiceNow: add reports/charts in the dashboard. To add a report or a chart in the homepage, follow those steps:

  • 1. Go to “self-service -> homepage”
    ServiceNow, chart, report, homepage
  • 2. Click to “add content”
    ServiceNow, chart, report, homepage
    a. Choose from the list or put a name
    b. Once find it, click to “add here”
    ServiceNow, chart, report, homepage
  • 3. The chart/report will display in the homepage

I can refresh the full homepage or just refresh 1 chart/report. For the homepage, there are 4 options displaying on the top right (just move the mouse to the title):

  • To export
  • To change settings
  • To refresh
  • To change layout.
ServiceNow, chart, report, homepage

Now if I want to refresh or to edit only 1 single report/chart, I have to move my mouse to the top right of the title area of my chart/report to get those options:

  • To refresh
  • To edit preferences
  • To get more information
  • To remove

As said above, I can move the charts/reports, for instance, putting the important ones at the top and the less important ones at the bottom.

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