ServiceNow: create a CAB meeting

  • 1. Go to “Change”
  • 2. In “Change Advisory Board”, select “My CAB Meetings”
    servicenow cab
  • 3. Click on “new”
    servicenow cab
    a. Fill up all mandatory fields and if need be, optional ones too
    b. Once done, click “submit”
    c. Optional, to add “attendees”, go back to “My CAB Meetings” then select the one that you have created, and in the “attendees” tab, click “new” to add the persons
    No matter if you do or don’t:
    • Fill up the “change requests starting after” and/or “change requests starting on or before” fields
    • And/or select the “use filter criteria to drive change request data rage” and/or “complete pre-approved changes” buttons
    Once “submit”, go back to “My CAB Meetings”:
    • a. Open the one that you have created
    • b. In the “agenda items” tab
      i. Click “new” to add one by one the change request ID
  • 4. Additionally, if the CAB meeting is a recurrent meeting, the best is to create also “My CAB Definitions” to use the “schedule entries” and “CAB meeting” tabs
  • 5. To run the CAB meeting
    a. Click on “CAB workbench”
    servicenow cab
    b. It will popup a calendar, click on your “mycab meetings” to start to review all changes

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