ServiceNow: indicator groups to optimize the indicator management

I like to use indicator group because it is a good way to organize and to manage efficiently the indicators. For instance, I created a problem indicator group so all indicators related to problem will be inside, another one about change, another one about CMDB, etc. If I don’t do that, all indicators will be mixed so as you can guess, it is more practical. To create an indicator group, follow those steps:

  • 1. Go to “performance analytics -> indicators -> indicator groups”
    ServiceNow, indicator
  • 2. Click to “new”
    ServiceNow, indicator
    a. Label: put a name
    b. Description: put a description
    c. Click “submit”
    ServiceNow, indicator
  • 3. To delete it
    a. Go back to “performance analytics -> indicators -> indicator groups”
    b. Search for the indicator group
    c. Check it and in “actions on selected rows”, select “delete”
    ServiceNow, indicator

Now that I have my indicator group, I need to fill it with indicators, to do it, read ServiceNow: indicator to define my chart for a report management.

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