ServiceNow: widget to create a chart for a report management

Widgets are what define the content in the homepage and in the dashboard, it can be a chart, a report, etc. meaning that when I open ServiceNow, it will display what I need to know first to check the status of my service or for instance the trend of a problem management in my dahsboad.

ServiceNow, widget, chart

The widget is linked with 1 or more indicators so if I don’t create first an indicator, it is not very useful. The indicator is where the widget will take the data. For more information, read ServiceNow: indicator to define my chart for a report management.

The widget is to have for instance, all change requests opened during a month so if you are interested to link your widget with more than 1 indicator, read ServiceNow: widget to create a chart with multiple values for a report Management.

To create a widget, follow those steps:

  • 1. Go to “performance analytics -> widgets”
    ServiceNow, widget, chart
  • 2. Click to “new”
    ServiceNow, widget, chart
    a. Name: put a name
    b. Lookup name: put an alias
    c. Description: put a description
    d. Indicator: select an indicator
    e. Breakdown/Element and 2nd breakdown, 2nd element: select the option (those fields are based on indicator)
    f. Time series: only for a trend chart, select the option
    g. Type: select the type, based on the type, some fields will appear/disappear
    h. Visualization: select the visualization
    i. Previous period chart: check if I want to do a comparison
    j. Label: put a name
    k. Color: select the color
    l. Color scheme: select the color scheme
    m. Date settings, axis settings, display settings: select the option
    n. Once done, click “submit”
    ServiceNow, widget, chart
  • 3. Now go back to “performance analytics -> widgets”
    a. Search for the widget
    b. Open it to fill the other optional fields not displaying during the creation
    c. Click “update” if I do some changes

Now the next step will be to add this widget in my dashboard, read ServiceNow: add reports/charts in the dashboard and/or in my homepage, read ServiceNow: add reports/charts in the homepage.

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