Update the date using a macro in an excel report

For one of my reports, I needed to update the date weekly in order to have the date corresponding to the period no matter when I will open the report. For instance, I needed to put the date every Monday so Monday 1 will be Monday 8 then Monday 15, etc. independently if I opened the file on Wednesday. This macro can update any dates, I mean, it can be monthly, daily, every 3 days, etc.

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When I use the macro ?

To update the date of the same day.


How to create the macro ?

Read How to create, edit, hide and select a macro in an excel report


How to create the button to associate it with the macro ?

Read How to create a button and associated it to a macro in an excel report


How is the macro ?

Copy the code below and paste it into your macro. You will see my comments in green if exist so follow the help to adapt to your need.

Sub test()
' change B2 by the cell of your date and 7 by the number of days for the new date
Range("B2").Value = Range("B2").Value + 7
End Sub

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