Be successfully certified ITIL 4 Specialist Acquiring & Managing Cloud Services

itil 4 Acquiring & Managing Cloud Services

With my ITIL 4 Managing Professional certification (ITIL MP) and ITIL 4 Strategic Leader certification (ITIL SL) in the pocket, I decided to take one of the extension modules called ITIL 4 Acquiring & Managing Cloud Services. Again, study was the key to get my certification.


For people who don´t know, there are 2 extension modules, the other one is ITIL 4 Specialist Sustainability in Digital & IT (more information in Axelos). For both, there are no prerequisites meaning that you don’t need to be ITIL MP or ITIL SL to take them.

I decided to take the cloud first because many companies are going to the cloud and having this knowledge will bring a plus for my professional life. So what is it about this module ? It is to provide guidance about how these technologies should be used within service management and operational best practices by defining cloud services from the perspective of the consumer organization. It means how a company may acquire clouds then use and improve them within their own organization.

To resume, this module guide me through the customer journey, from the explore (how cloud could contribute to the success of a company) until the realize (evaluation of the outcome to ensure that the anticipated value has been achieved) steps.

First thing to do, it was to find a training center because there is no way I can study by myself. In my case, I took it online so I can study it anytime I want, the only inconvenient was that if I had a doubt, I couldn’t ask the teacher “live”, I needed to send an email and waited for the answer.

The main focus is to know very well the 7 steps of the customer journey particularly the explore, engage, offer, agree and co-create steps. To prepare myself, I also used the sample exams to see how good I learnt. The multiple choice exam is composed of 40 questions in which there are one question and 4 answers to choose between A, B, C or D. I had 90 minutes to get minimum 26 good answers to pass it. You can download here the sample exam questions/content exam training. In the other hand, you can download them in Axelos.

Once I clicked that I finished the exam, it was the moment of truth because it showed if I passed it or not and fortunately, I passed so I got the ITIL AMCS certification. If you are interested, read my course ITIL 4 Acquiring & Managing Cloud Services Certification Course.

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