Power BI: format chart column color of single data

I will explain here how to customize the color of a specific column in the x-axis if you have only 1 single data, something like that:

power bi

I have this simple chart:

power bi power bi

The first thing to do is to create a new column with this formula:

  • Option 1 if a year column exists: IF(CONVERT([argument],INTEGER)=YEAR(NOW()),1,0) power bi
  • Option 2 if not exists: IF(CONVERT(FORMAT([argument],"YYYY"),INTEGER)=YEAR(NOW()),1,0) power bi


  • Replace “argument” by yours
  • I can replace YEAR(NOW()) by 2023 for instance but I prefer this way so for a new year, I won’t have to change it
  • If I have more than 2 years, change “1” by another number and add another formula by replacing “0”, for instance if I have 2021, 2022 and 2023:
    So 2023 = 2, 2022 = 1 and 2021 = 0.

In both formulas, I define 2023 = 1 and 2022 = 0 and I use the CONVERT function to change the “year” from text into a whole number (to know the options, refer to Microsoft webpage).

Once done, I will click on the conditional formatting “fx” and fill:

power bi

  • Format style -> rules
  • What field should we base this on ? -> select the new column
  • Summarization -> select “minimum”, “maximum” or “average”
  • Rules -> as shown in the picture (to create a new one, just click on “+ new rule”)

NOTE: “minimum” and “maximum” are best option if I have only 2 years

power bi

The result:

power bi

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