Power BI: extract multiple values of a single cell into one row for each of them

I may have in some excel reports, into one single cell, multiple values and I want to extract them so I can have one row for each value. Since in Power BI, there is an option to do it, there is no need to do it in excel.

Imagine I have this data (left picture) and I want to reach the final result (right picture):

power bi power bi

To do it, I will have to go to the editor:

  • Home -> transform data -> transform data
power bi
  • Select the column I want to extract
  • Home -> split column -> by delimiter
power bi

You will get this popup:

power bi
  • In the field “select or enter delimiter”, I will select “space” because as you can see my data, values are separated by a space.
  • Expand the “advanced options” and select “row”
  • Click “OK” and it is done.

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