Power BI: create comparison chart with 1 single table

In IT, I use to have the created and closed columns in one single table:

power bi

And most of the time, I need to compare them so I can create 2 charts like that and see the difference:

power bi

But to save spaces and for a better view, I like to combine both data into 1 single chart:

power bi

There are 2 options to get this result, the first one is to unpivot both columns. Take note that doing that, charts that you have created will be “lost” because unpivoting them will rename your columns.

  • Go to the query editor by clicking on “transform data -> transform data”
power bi
  • Select both columns (created and closed)
  • Click on “transform -> unpivot columns”
power bi
  • Once done, exit the editor by clicking on “home -> close & apply”

You will see that both columns have been renamed:

  • The attribute column showing “created” and “closed”
  • The value column showing the date

You can change the name of the columns if you want but for my article, I won´t. I will create 2 measures with those formula:

  • One for created -> CALCULATE(COUNT('table'[argument1]),'table'[argument2] ="created") power bi
  • One for closed -> CALCULATE(COUNT('table'[argument1]),'table'[argument2] ="closed") power bi

NOTE: change “table” and “argument” by yours. Once it is done, I just have to create my chart:

power bi power bi

For the second option, contrary to the first one, you won´t loose any of your charts.

  • Group “created” and “closed” by month
    • Select the “created” column
    • Click on “data groups -> new data groups”
    power bi
    • Change the name (if you want, here I put “created month”) and in the “bin size” field, put like in the picture power bi
    • Do the same thing for the “closed” column
  • Create a calendar table (for more information, read my other article Power BI: create an automatically updated calendar) power bi
  • Create a relationship between this calendar table and both new columns (“created month” and “closed month”) by clicking on “home -> manage relationships” then “new”
power bi
power bi power bi
power bi
  • Create a measure to count number of closed with this formula: CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('table1'),USERELATIONSHIP('table1'[argument1],'table2'[argument1])) power bi

NOTE: you can use other functions than COUNTROWS, the most important is the USERELATIONSHIP (change “table” and “argument” by yours). Once it is done, I just have to create my chart:

power bi power bi

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