ServiceNow: dashboard to optimize the widget management

A dashboard is a good way to organize and to manage efficiently all charts. I like to create different dashboards for instance, one for SLA, another one for closed tickets, another one for TOP10, etc. Inside each dashboard, I can create different tabs to optimize it better, for example, inside the SLA, I will have 1 tab for incident, 1 tab for problem. To create a dashboard, follow those steps:

  • 1. Go to “performance analytics -> dashboards”
    ServiceNow, widget
  • 2. Click to “new”
    ServiceNow, widget
    a. Name: put a name
    b. Group: select a dashboard group
    c. Order: put a number to order it
    d. Restrict to roles/requires roles: edit rules
    e. Visible: select the option
    f. Once done, click “submit”
    ServiceNow, widget
  • 3. To delete it
    a. Go back to “performance analytics -> dashboards”
    b. Search for the dashboard
    c. Open it
    d. Click on “dashboard control” menu
    e. Select “delete dashboard”
    ServiceNow, widget

Now that I have my dashboard, I need to fill it with charts/reports, to do it, read ServiceNow: add reports/charts in the dashboard.

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